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Designer Juttis from India?

Hand Crafted by some of India's finest artisans, NEEDLEDUST brings to you a line of handcrafted fine leather juttis, that speak the charm of a true old school artisan with a desire to recreate high street fashion.

But how, when, where?

Shirin Mann Sangha established and launched NEEDLEDUST in 2014. ‘NEEDLEDUST was an outcome of my own wedding. I truly love shoes and I had to have the perfect pair for my own wedding. And they had to be juttis. I am all about fashion meets comfort. And that’s why Needledust feels like second skin to your feet. After realizing the dearth of beautiful, pop colour juttis, I decided to design my own wedding pair, that is the evolution of NEEDLEDUST.’

Are they comfortable?

Our juttis are made in genuine leather and are double padded with memory foam, making it extremely soft on your feet. -Like second skin!

They make beautiful gifts!

NEEDLEDUST offers a beautiful range of special handcrafted pieces that make perfect gifts for your friends and family. All our juttis come in hard cover boxes, with juttis wrapped in butter paper. The box contains extra adornments, a care card and a dust bag. ?Its nothing short of luxury! You can add a love note in the box too!

Care for your treasure

- Dry Clean ONLY!

-Wrap your juttis in muslin cloth. The softness of muslin cloth is easy on your product and lets it breathe. It helps keep its shine for a long time. ?

-Our juttis are extremely soft, but if you want to further soften a jutti, line your jutti with mustard oil for a day and leave.

-Keep your leather products away from moisture, if at all exposed to moisture, please dry them in sun for 2 to 3 hours before putting them back in.

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