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  • Hand Crafted by some of India's finest artisans, NEEDLEDUST brings to you a line of bespoke fine leather juttis, that speak the charm of a true old school artisan with a desire to recreate high street fashion for those that wear, admire, preserve its elegance, class and culture.
    Bright colours, clean curves, impeccable finish, commitment to quality and uniqueness of product; we at NEEDLEDUST take great pride in everything we put out on our shelves.
    Shirin Mann Sangha established and launched NEEDLEDUST in 2014, with a vision to bring some of India's best handicrafts on the ever evolving international fashion grounds.
    "India is rich in all forms of art and I am in love with the beautiful juttis among several others. NEEDLEDUST was an outcome of my own wedding and the several that I attended. I wanted those perfect pair of shoes. I tried the prettiest stilettoes, wedges and jeweled flip flops but found my heart buried in juttis. I travelled for days and hours in parts of India to find artisans who would sew my perfect wedding shoe. And there I sat sketching and explaining, and he sew. Ever since I had friends and family from all over the globe enquire about my ˜gold, fushchia, red jutti and I got them made and sent over. Which I now want to share with everyone. That's how NEEDLEDUST happened', says the entrepreneur


    NEEDLEDUST Juttis. You are going to love us! 

    Our juttis are made in genuine leather and are easily twisted in hand, making it extremely soft on your feet. All our probucts are hand embroidered and hand sewed.
    Another uniqueness of our juttis are, they are all "chotta panjas" ? (panja is the area that covers the fingers of your feet). The covering area is about 2 and a half to three inches .In older times, when women stayed in veil, they could only reveal their feet. The shoe maker of yester years, made chotta panja juttis for royal ladies, as it made their feet look dainty and beautiful.

    A gift for yourself, or someone special, NEEDLEDUST offers a beautiful range of special handcrafted pieces, that make perfect gifts for your friends and family. All our juttis come in hard cover boxes, with juttis wrapped in butter paper. The box contains extra adornments, a care card and a dust bag.

    Although they can be used in any terrain and weather, yet your special hand crafted gifts must be cared for. We have some special tips for you. Wrap your juttis in muslin cloth. The softness of muslin cloth is easy on your product and lets it breathe. It helps keep its shine for a lon time.
    With our juttis you do not need to be scared of the first sting, but if you still are, just line your jutti with mustard oil for a day and leave, it will further soften the leather. Keep your leather products away from moisture, if at all exposed to moisture, please dry them in sun for 2 to 3 hours before putting them back in your closet or bag. Incase your jutti gets dirty, besides cleaning them with a simple towel cloth or brush dipped in washing soap, you could also dry clean them. Juttis with embroideries must be dry-cleaned ONLY. All instructions are mentioned in the care card that comes in your NEEDLEDUST box.

  • You could also CONTACT US at info@needledust.com 

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