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Needledust are my absolute favorite shoes ever! The juttis are all so cute - I want every design!! I love wearing flats, but most of the ones you find in stores are just lackluster and boring. These flats make me feel fashionable, while being comfortable. I wore 4 different pairs throughout my wedding events, and my feet were thanking me later. For looking beautiful and being comfortable :) I love how versatile these shoes are, I can wear them with jeans, pants, and my Indian outfits. Thank you Needledust! You are the best!!

nimi gill, california, usa

Choosing footwear for my wedding was the easiest part of my wardrobe... Chucked my high heels and went with Needledust Juttis and it was an instant hit. Beautiful designs, neat work and most importantly the most comfortable pair of Juttis ever.

Forget the regular shoe bites you get with Juttis, these just slip in your feet and you can wear it for weddings, parties or casually. Shirin has a pair for any of your moods and days. And I think my husband is also the first one to break tradition of gifting ring kaleechadis to bride’s crew and gifted all of them with the Juttis in the most beautifully designed gift boxes.


I'd just like to say thanks- I wore them for my brother’s wedding from 6am to 8pm as I had a lot of running around to do and they were so comfortable, I felt like I was wearing my night slippers. Thanks for putting in the padding for the heel and such a pretty design.


Hi Needledust, just sharing a wedding picture of my Filipino friend who wore “Needledust Dazzle Jutti” on her wedding gifted by me. She really liked it, in fact loved it


Hi, just wanted to share this picture with you . This picture shows how much I loved wearing my ensemble by Jayanti Reddy and a perfect pair of matching Jutti's by Needledust, absolutely adore them! In case you would repost please tag me as well :)


I am in love with Needledust, everything about them is awesome. I love their style, it’s unique and beautiful. The best part is that they are very comfortable; someone who has been wearing Juttis all her life knows that it’s very rare to find. It’s a must for every bride... well it’s a must for every girl.


No wedding function is complete without Needledust Juttis, that’s why I decided to wear it on my engagement day! I paired this up with my Astha Narang lehnga to attain the desired look! And I must say Needledust Juttis are comfy and beautiful!! What more can a girl ask for! Love them! PS- I will be ordering lots more.


Hi Needledust, I loved your Juttis, wore them on my wedding with a silk sari! Thank u soooo much !!


I wanted to be comfortable on my wedding day, so for me heels were out. I had got Juttis for my engagement from Needledust, so it was a no brainer for me. I went to their store in Shahpur Jat and these gold ones went perfectly with my outfit. Needledust is so good at making something so comfortable look utterly gorgeous! I love their detailing and their palette and think I’ve got one in every color.


I have always been a huge Needledust fan and when the time came for me to get married - it was Needledust Juttis for every event which ware colour coordinated with my outfits. I also went ahead and spread the Needledust love by giving my 12 bridesmaids individually selected Juttis. Thank you so much for the most comfortable and stylish Juttis!


“Loved wearing my Needledust jutti’s during our wedding celebrations. They are hands down the most comfortable jutti’s. They’re beautiful, fun and versatile. You can dress them up or down- I love wearing them with jeans as well. They’re beautifully made and the designs are so unique. Highly recommend these gorgeous jutti’s!”

Meher Tolman, Australia