Ara Jutti By Needledust

Mirror-Work Magic: Abhinav Mishra's Influence on NDXAM Juttis

Explore the collaborative brilliance of Abhinav Mishra and NEEDLEDUST, where mirror-work takes on a new dimension. Each Jutti is a canvas of intricate details, reflecting the maximalist approach of Abhinav Mishra and the feminine meets edgy aesthetics of NEEDLEDUST.

Taupe to Festive Hues: The Palette of NDXAM Heels

Dive into the color palette of NDXAM Heels, where taupe, gold, rose gold, and champagne coalesce with marigold orange, 'gulab' red, rani pink, and 'haldi' yellow. Discover how each shade is meticulously chosen to enhance the festive spirit.

Begum Jutti By Needledust
Heer Jutti By Needledust

NDXAM Purses - Elevating Elegance with Every Step

Uncover the mystery behind NDXAM Purses as they emerge as the finishing touch to the festive ensemble. Explore how these accessories harmonize with Juttis and Heels, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

NDXAM Men's Collection - Where Tradition Meets Contemporary Style

Dive into the world of NDXAM Men's Collection, where traditional 'Khussas' receive a contemporary twist. Discover how Abhinav Mishra and NEEDLEDUST redefine men's festive fashion with intricate designs and quality craftsmanship.

Delilah Jutti By Needledust
Heer Jutti By Needledust

Stepping into the World of NDXAM - A Celebration of Craftsmanship and Festivity

As you step into the world of NDXAM, immerse yourself in a tapestry of colors, mirrors, and intricate designs. This collaboration not only redefines festive fashion but also sets a new standard for creativity and elegance. Experience the magic as NEEDLEDUST and ABHINAV MISHRA join forces to bring you a collection that transcends trends, celebrating the richness of Indian craftsmanship and the joy of festivities.