Saeba Kids (Jutti)Saeba Kids (Jutti)
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Saeba Kids (Jutti)

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Aquamarine Kids (Jutti)Aquamarine Kids (Jutti)
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Aquamarine Kids (Jutti)

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Zubaida Kids (Jutti)Zubaida Kids (Jutti)
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Zubaida Kids (Jutti)

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Rose Quartz Kids (Jutti)Rose Quartz Kids (Jutti)
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Heer Kids (Jutti)Heer Kids (Jutti)
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Forever Yours Kids (Jutti)Forever Yours Kids (Jutti)
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Do you make ethnic juttis for kids?

Since little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything that’s nice, it would be completely unfair to not have a range for your little princess! We have a special kid’s collection that features some of our very pretty designs in your little one’s size! We just love the thought that little Princesses can wear our range of ethnic juttis and be introduced to the trendy fashion concept of traditional juttis at a young age, in keeping our country’s traditions alive and vibrant.  These days, children are far more trend and fashion conscious and hence, it’s super to be able to offer little girls who know their mind a whole range of beautiful, handcrafted exquisite footwear that they will love wearing. Plus so easy for your princess to navigate, no laces, no ties just slip your feet in and wear! Quite delightful, we say.  The look of an ethnic jutti is simply royal and aristocratic. It’s a historical piece of fashion that predates most other footwear. Call them ethnic juttis, mojari juttis, designer juttis, traditional juttis or new model juttis, the art of juttis is something uniquely Indian and out of our hoary history. Our queens and empresses wore the same kind of juttis that your princess does, today!

Can I get designer kid’s juttis for my little daughter?

Our fabulous kid’s collection features a range that is specially designed keeping in mind that kids’ needs are different from those adults. Only those designs that fit adaptation for little feet are chosen. Our fancy jutti designs for kids are not just juttis for kids but they are exactly the same patterns and designs lovingly adapted for little feet. The patterns are miniaturised and carefully handcrafted for comfort and style. So, yes, you can certainly get a beautiful range of ethnic juttis, leather juttis with soft fabrics incorporated too into the design, in many vibrant colours as well as metallic centric patterns. Watch your little daughter pirouette in front of the mirror as she preens in utter delight.

Can I get matching juttis for my daughter and myself?

We always say ‘YES’ to twinning. Mothers and daughters who twin, look so very charming that the entire world looks on and applauds the combination.  Please note that we don’t offer this ability to twin on our range of flat mules as they may not be kid friendly, not offering a firm grip on the foot as juttis do.  Our kid’s juttis come in vibrant colours for little fit and often feature vibrant multicolor designs that make matching with various outfits extremely easy and hassle-free! In addition to a range of vibrant colours, we also offer a model with subtle shades of muted pastels that are likely to go with all her party frocks. Yes, she doesn’t have to wear only traditional Indian outfits to wear her juttis. Our juttis are designed to look great with all kinds of outfits including more western-wear--centric ones.

What kind of patterns do your kid’s juttis feature?

Our Aviv juttis are fabulous in the beautiful way they indicate many lovely colours! Since Aviv in Hebrew means spring, this name perfectly fits this shoe! Admire a set of neon sequin blooms in lemon, orange, pink, green, lavender and turquoise with a dripping dew beaded back! It’s charming, fresh and just right to brighten up your princess and inspire her to put her best foot forward.  Our Kaeidoscope juttis take 19 hours of loving effort to hand craft. It features a blossoming garden of delicate pastel coloured florals in silk threads on a super soft mint base, with a soft hued cluster of pretty 3D moths and flittering butterflies handcrafted by our finest artisans. Each moth and butterfly on your princess’ jutti is different, showcasing unique colours and gorgeous textures, just like the real ones in your favourite gardens! This spectacular jutti takes 19 man hours to craft a single pair, making it a special one to own! We think your little princess will certainly love these.  Our Delilah design for kids showcases coral, watermelon red, pink, scarlet, peaches and various shades of orange - a fabulous colour story to brighten up your princess’ day! Several timeless techniques of gorgeous thread work with complementing glass beads, handcrafted on natural muslin makes it simply breathtakingly pretty. Best of all, it has an amazingly fun tassel back that’s designed to swirl and twirl as she preens and dances through her day!

What outfits do ethnic juttis go with?

We’re proud to say that our line of kid’s juttis go with all that you may buy for your little one. They are a vibrant match with dresses, pants, jeans, jumpsuits, shorts, skirts, pinafore dresses and rompers. They look equally fantastic with ethnic wear such as choli-ghararas, choli- lehengas, salwar-kameezes, shararas and any other Indian attire such as pavadas. Bright and cheerful, these make for great pairings with your princess’ wardrobe.