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Sandals for ethnic wear: do they work?

Love wearing churidar-kurtas? Adore the traditional saree? And find long kurtas with palazzos to be your favourite ethnic wear choice? Take it easy. There are many modern women who share your tastes in clothing. There’s no doubt but these centuries old heritage styles do not only look good but can be worn for any occasion or to any venue. Then comes the next question: how do you accessorise these outfits? Jewellery? Bags? Shoes? When it comes to shoes, there are lots of options offered by NEEDLEDUST. From juttis and mules to sandals and heeled sandals, they are also fabulous choices that will transform your outfit and complement it with stunning results. The women’s sandals we design are inspired by the season, by nature and by the occasions they are meant for. Handcrafted with the finest of materials, we use exquisite embellishments such as beads, crystals and shells to add that special dash of style. Our patterns are timeless and meant to adorn your feet across barriers of age, size and colour. Our classic designs go with ethnic wear beautifully. We also offer heeled sandals that are great with any ethnic wear. Our heels for women are exquisite and unusual in their design and their embellishments. In neutrals that make it easy for mixing and matching with your wardrobe, our heeled sandals provide an easy choice when it comes to accessorising your outfits. Their unique styles and the tassels, threadwork, beads and pearls that they are adorned with are very much in keeping with modern sensibilities.

A fabulous range that suits almost any outfit!

Need a bit of casual touch? Looking for a pop of colour? Keen on something quiet and subtle for your feet? The answer to all these questions is one word—NEEDLEDUST! Whether you’re wearing a kurta with palazzos, or a long kurta with the traditional salwar, a saree or a sharara, our sandals make for an exemplary match. From exquisite juttis, classy mules and sandals, both heeled and without, that give you ample style and comfort, we have a broad selection of models and visual pops of brilliance. Our heeled sandals are perfect for casual wear as well as with any kind of evening wear. In addition, our constant addition of new styles, new colours and new inspirations make our juttis, flat mules, sandals, heeled sandals a complete gold standard where design excellence is concerned.

What colours are most popular in juttis?

Modern juttis come in a multitude of colours: red, pink, orange blue, green, black, ivory, grey, brown and gold and silver. The shades of each colour are many and splendid in their appearance. Matching these with your wardrobe is an easy task, because of the awesome variety in colours and designs. The colours depend on the occasion or outfit with which you are planning to wear the juttis. For bridal wear, red and pink ethnic juttis continue to be popular as are the gold and silver decorated pairs. These are mostly worn with either lehengas or the evergreen brocade saree. However, today brides are becoming increasingly adventurous and often wear different colours. Further, the big fat Indian wedding has so many functions that each needs a pair of footwear to match! From ivory, green, yellow and saffron, the shades worn continue to change and grow in number. While bridal heels are an option, there’s nothing like designer juttis to give your bridal outfit an authentic look!

Should I choose only red bridal juttis for my wedding?

The modern Indian bride is choosing from a veritable rainbow of colours for her bridal ensemble. From reds and pinks, she has moved on greens and blues, purples and yellows and a hundred more. And along with bridal ensembles, so has the modern jutti. Today’s ethnic juttis are found in a rainbow spectrum of colour, pattern and shades. NEEDLEDUST offers an extremely wide range of designer juttis to choose from. So it all depends on what you are wearing for your wedding. If you are wearing red, then red may be your go to colour. However, if your wedding outfit is of an unusual shade, then getting a prominently gold or silver pair of ethnic juttis might be the answer. On the other hand, it all depends on the supporting colours of your ensemble. You could match your juttis with one of those colours too. As a bride, all you should be considering is how good you will look! We can assure you that looking beyond red is already happening and is quite a stylish trend these days.

Are black designer juttis right with evening wear?

From that little black dress you love to the flowing black evening gown that makes you look like you are walking down the red carpet, black is the colour of formal evening wear. It’s probably the one go-to colour that always feels right when all else fails. Naturally, given the power of black, there’s nothing like black designer juttis to go with your evening wear. A stunning combination, we say, that will only add extra glam to your beautiful party wear. Let’s go further, in fact, and look beyond juttis, at NEEDLEDUST’s sensational range of flat mules and women’s sandals, as well our offering of heels for women. In fact, our heeled sandals are a fabulous choice to match any evening wear you may have in mind. In subtle neutrals, with handcrafted designer embellishments that add an inimitable touch of class and elegance, our heeled sandals make a great choice too. We make sure you’re spoiled for choice, when it comes to juttis, mules and sandals. No compromises needed!