Latte (Jutti)Latte (Jutti)

Latte (Jutti)

₹ 3,990
Ruh (Jutti)Ruh (Jutti)

Ruh (Jutti)

₹ 4,990
Cinderella Gold (Jutti)Cinderella Gold (Jutti)
On sale

Cinderella Gold (Jutti)

₹ 2,499 ₹ 3,690
Eve'S Garden (Jutti)Eve'S Garden (Jutti)
Sold out

Eve'S Garden (Jutti)

₹ 3,999 ₹ 6,990
Enchanted Forest (Jutti)Enchanted Forest (Jutti)
Sold out

Enchanted Forest (Jutti)

₹ 2,999 ₹ 4,690
Meadowsweet Jane (Jutti)Meadowsweet Jane (Jutti)
Sold out

Meadowsweet Jane (Jutti)

₹ 2,699 ₹ 4,690
Dancing Pearls (Jutti)Dancing Pearls (Jutti)
On sale

Dancing Pearls (Jutti)

₹ 2,999 ₹ 4,290
Lia (Jutti)Lia (Jutti)

Lia (Jutti)

₹ 4,990
Shooting Stars (Jutti)Shooting Stars (Jutti)
Sold out

Shooting Stars (Jutti)

₹ 2,999 ₹ 4,690
Aurora (Jutti)Aurora (Jutti)

Aurora (Jutti)

₹ 5,990
Forever Yours Kids (Jutti)Forever Yours Kids (Jutti)
Needledust Kids

The timeless story of juttis

Take a walk down time into the magnificent palaces of India, where dark-eyed beauties, the queens and princesses of yore, lightly tripped up the stone stairs. As they traipsed up and down these ancient palaces, the anklets they wore jangled delicately against their handcrafted, intricately worked footwear. This timeless artisanal footwear is the inspiration for the lovingly crafted juttis created by Needledust.
The fabulously hand embellished traditions of yesteryear have been recreated as Needledust juttis for women. Finely detailed, encompassing a riot of colours and patterns, these juttis are also often referred to as punjabi juttis for ladies, the tradition having been kept primarily alive in the states of Punjab and Rajasthan.

A luxury footwear choice

There was a time when these exquisitely embroidered, handcrafted juttis were the purview of only the aristocracy, the maharanis and the patranis, who commissioned these juttis—from their daily wear to specially crafted ornate and resplendent pairs for festivals and court occasions. No more. This intrinsically Indian footwear concept has now been given a new lease of life by Needledust. Need a classic jutti that you can wear with a western gown? Needledust has a whole range of mules and juttis that go perfectly well with both formal and informal western attire. If it’s heels you’re looking for, our line of block heeled sandals are just right for a bit of lift, as sometimes demanded by an ensemble.

The oh-so versatile jutti!

The modern jutti online, as recreated by Needledust brings to you these timeless juttis, now available at the click of a button. The most amazing part about these Needledust juttis is that they can be worn with both western and ethnic attire. Wear them with kurtas and palazzos or a lehenga ensemble and of course, they’ll look just right! But a linen shirt and a pair of blue jeans teamed up with a pair of colourful punjabi juttis is a style statement that’s going to be trendy for a long, long time to come. Moving from journeying by the metro or a bus to a luxury automobile or jet, the discriminating woman is proud to be seen in a pair of contemporary Needledust jutti, mule or ethnic sandal that embodies the best of Indian craftsmanship and its elegance.

Our juttis get you noticed!

In fact, the Needledust jutti or mule with an evening gown or a short cocktail dress is a pairing that makes for a head turning look at any event, red carpet or otherwise, or any occasion that demands a fashion statement. From dramatic entrances lit up by paparazzi and fans, leading celebrities and stars are increasingly choosing to turn to this historic and eternal element of style and elegance—the punjabi jutti.
The leather jutti for women is, in fact, a classic that’s now accepted as a luxury fashion accessory for women, across all categories of Indian fashion. Punjabi juttis on the ramp are a staple in every designer’s arsenal and Needledust, we’re proud to say, leads the way. Our association with topnotch designers have led to juttis becoming part of fashion week showstoppers and earning their place in the sun with a standing ovation on many an occasion.

Constant innovation

When Needledust introduced their line of handworked juttis, they took the fashion world by storm and they then went on to create the most delicately embellished mules and sandals for ethnic wear that embody the spirit of ancient artisanry. Needledust mules for women see frequent new model launches to keep up with the styles and colours of the season. Shortly after, they also brought in a range of womens sandals that fulfilled the need gap for ethnic heels online. Their range of womens sandals range from the palest of pales to seasonal colours, accentuated with beadwork, delicate threadwork and artistically etched hints of gold and silver.

Unbelievable craftsmanship!

Timeless techniques used by master artisans across centuries have percolated into the Needledust tradition of designer juttis, transformed into collector’s items by the usage of delicately embroidered thread work in all the colours of the rainbow plus the use of gold, silver, bronze and copper, and then further hand embellished with beads, sequins, tassels, flowers, lace, pearls, rhinestones, crystal beads and all sorts of innovative additions such as mirrors, real flowers (yes, you read right!), cowries and sea shells.

The choice of queens!

Each Needledust ethnic pair of footwear, be it mule, jutti, sandal or heeled shoe, is a shining testament to Indian handcrafted traditions in their superb quality of workmanship and graceful designs that they bring to your wardrobe. When you add a Needledust  traditional pair of footwear to your closet, rest assured that you are following in the most noble footsteps of a Noorjehan, a Mumtaz Mahal or the great Jodha bai. You are part of that special league of women that recognises great design and appreciates luxury like the empresses of yore. Welcome to our sisterhood, our clan of fashionistas—the cognoscenti who not only appreciate great design but set and lead trends!

A deliberate life choice, a mindset

Needledust is not just a brand of footwear. We believe it’s a deliberate choice, a journey, a path. Are you minded to add beauty and timeless craftsmanship to your every step? Do you consciously seek to embrace excellence and originality in everything you associate with? Are design and aesthetics as important to you as functionality and versatility (because we firmly believe in marrying both)? Then there is a great way to combine all these varied expectations—it’s called Needledust. We so look forward to going on this great new adventure with you! Bon voyage to us all.