Eve'S Garden (Jutti)Eve'S Garden (Jutti)
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Eve'S Garden (Jutti)

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Looking your best for weddings

Weddings are that time of the year when your entire ‘village’ of friends and family come together to celebrate together. It’s a rite of passage and the effort that goes into making this unforgettable is humongous, indeed. Naturally, you (and everyone else), come dressed to the nines only to be put through a scanner. Aunts look you up and down, sideways and front to back. From head to toe, outfits are scrutinised, hair styles are analysed and jewellery is put under a magnifying glass. Your footwear comes under equal survey and whatever you are wearing, whether it’s floral juttis or traditional juttis, or embroidered juttis, golden bridal punjabi juttis or marriage bridal juttis is noticed and commented upon. If you’re wearing the non-traditional flat sandals or mules, it’s even merrier with each formidable aunt and grandmother adding her two bits on each style and how good it looks, or not. Naturally, you want to emerge on top in these family polls, with the latest styles and the best looking outfits and footwear.

Here’s how you have it easy: NEEDLEDUST now has a huge choice of juttis, mules and sandals for you to choose from. Exquisitely handcrafted, these pairs offer myriad options so that you put your prettiest foot forward, always. From the most exquisitely handworked juttis to sophisticated mules to elegant Kolhapairs and sandals, the choice is huge and irresistible.

Handcrafted Luxury Juttis and more, for Brides and Grooms

Putting your best foot forward for weddings is now an easy choice for both brides and grooms as well as anyone who is invited to a wedding this season! Our new launches more than cover all the possible options you could need: from bridal juttis, handcrafted juttis to floral juttis, our designer traditional juttis include embroidered juttis, golden bridal punjabi juttis,

marriage bridal juttis, as well as leather juttis and party wear juttis for your trousseau.

Our latest range and new arrivals feature flat sandals, Kolhapairs which are our glamorous reinterpretation of the traditional kolhapuri sandals and ordinary leather kolhapuri sandals. Our offering of flat sandals for women include the most stunning flat sandals, fabulous designer sandals and superbly crafted juttis with the most intricate designs and embellishments all lovingly crafted by hand by the most experienced and expert master craftsmen.

Why NEEDLEDUST Juttis are the best Wedding Footwear!

Each of our footwear carries the promise of authenticity and originality. Each piece we handcraft is a superbly designed pair of luxury footwear, handcrafted to match the highest possible standards using timeless techniques passed down from father to son, across centuries. Each embellishment we use has been specially chosen to offer the perfect combination of tradition and modern design that suits contemporary needs of the modern bride and groom. It’s no secret that not only do the most discerning brides and grooms prefer to wear our footwear, they also want the same high standards for their entire entourage of parents, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, friends, bridesmaids and best men.

The rigorous and stringent quality norms that we hold ourselves to far exceeds that of the traditional footwear. Comfort is another criteria on which we make no compromises. Hence our beautifully handcrafted luxury shoes not only are the last word in glamour but they also deliver exceedingly well on comfort. Take the numerous testimonials we receive from brides whose smiles stayed intact after hours of standing at their wedding receptions simply because of the finely crafted comfort our shoes offered them! They are our most sincere ambassadors for all time to come. After all, the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

Glammed up, weddings are for Kolhapairs

We constantly take ancient types of footwear and re-imagine them in the latest styles and shades and also in the most luxuriously comfortable way possible. Our latest re-invention of the traditional Kolhapuris that we have renamed Kolhapairs, is a case in point. We have taken a traditional form and recreated it in a manner that suits modern sensibilities of aesthetics and design, as well as the latest standards of comfort for feet.

Crafted from the finest vegan leather, each of our Kolhapairs features specially designed and handcrafted detailing that makes each Kolhapair sandal so outstandingly gorgeous. Featuring the beauty of pearls and the craft of jewellery making, to showcasing intricately hand embroidered patterns using deep gold accents of Dori, Zari, beads and sequins, each is an absolute must-have. Each is intricately hand embroidered, some using deep gold accents of dori, zari, beads and sequin on a lush gold silk base or some creating a beautiful balance of black with greys and oxidised silver in lustrous glass beads and silk threads with highlights of silver beads, charms and soundless bunches of ghungroo! Each is coveted and much admired for its timeless designs and unique patterns and hues.

You can style these elegant pairs with your chiffon saris, co-ords and so much more! Further, team it with your Indian ensembles or slide it on below a pair of jeans, or a dress, and witness how it will work its magic! Don’t miss the fact that all our Kolhapairs are vegan, made in the highest grade of pure faux leather.