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Ruh (Jutti)

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Shooting Stars (Jutti)

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Carrying Indian traditions to the world

India is a country that’s rich in design and craftsmanship. For centuries, we have been creating patterns and designs that are unique, distinct and much coveted across the world. Our designer juttis are a case in point. These premium, handcrafted juttis are seeing a revival not only across the Indian subcontinent but also around the globe, wherever there are fashion conscious lovers of artisanal footwear. For, these ethnic juttis can be worn not just with traditional Indian attire but with practically any kind of ensembles. In fact, today’s fashionistas are pairing them with everything from jeans to little black dresses! These new model juttis also reflect the new design ethos that combines the traditional with the contemporary in smart and elegant patterns that are oh-so-versatile! The mix and match dilemma not only does not exist any more but the divide between classic and modern is open to interpretation and subversion. It’s your mood and preference that dictates this melding of the old and new. Done right, it can be breathtaking and stunning, to say the least.

The rainbow spectrum of designer juttis

As you’re well aware, colours are very much part and parcel of the extensive repertoire of any woman’s wardrobe! What’s life (and dressing up) without a gamut of colours to add joy and verve to each day! No wonder, ethnic juttis are available in a veritable riot of colours that include warm shades, cool shades, shades of ivory and black, as well as the most unusual shades you can imagine. Ivory and different tints of white are very popular and look stunning when paired with embellishments such as pearls, gold and silver thread work and sequins. Our select range of such beautifully embellished mojari juttis is outstanding and can be paired with almost any item in your wardrobe. Black is a favourite evening colour and our black juttis are handcrafted from silk and pure leather to create stunning ethnic jutti designs that enmesh gold thread work with sequins, tassels and beads with stunning effect. Pinks, reds and mauves are delicately recreated in various avatars of designer juttis that are a fitting counterpoint for the most beautiful piece in your wardrobe. Enjoy the luxurious comfort of the modern jutti paired with stunning patterns and designs that are unique and creatively distinct. Yellows, greens and blues are not left far behind either. Exquisitely melded in the form of motifs that celebrate animals, birds and butterflies, our range of ethnic juttis are an ode to Indian artisanry and craftsmanship. You can wear them with almost anything that catches your eye and inspires you to express your individual sense of style. No wonder, designer juttis incorporate innumerable colours into the fabric of each pair of handcrafted juttis. The challenge is in making sure that these colours are woven expertly together in patterns that delight the eye. Embroidered juttis feature complex designs that make them into works of art. These designer juttis are based on ancient patterns of traditional juttis but reinterpreted to contemporary design norms and global standards of excellence.

Are heeled sandals a great match with my wedding lehenga?

Wedding lehengas usually demand more traditional and bling encrusted footwear to match. However, mores and trends are changing rapidly. The look for lehengas has changed to more subtle, softer shades and sophisticated palettes, as has the range of footwear that is considered a match for the lehenga. There are many advantages to wearing a heeled sandal with a lehenga. For one, a slight heel enables a better fall for the lehenga, especially if you, as the bride, are on the shorter side. And it always works to reduce the vertical gap between the bride and groom when it comes to a photography perspective! Kidding apart, bridal heels and sandals for ethnic wear work well depending on the specific situation. We do offer a select range of comfy sandals among which some have heels. These exclusively designed heeled sandals could very well work as bridal heels, depending on the occasion and the kind of ensemble that you have chosen to wear for your wedding. Handcrafted over loving hours of effort, these heeled sandals are worthy of being your wedding ensemble choice. As a style bonus, our flat mules for women and our designer mules are also a great choice for pairing with your wedding lehenga. We make sure you’re always spoiled for choice! However, by and large, there is much to be said in favour of the bridal jutti when it comes to pairing footwear with wedding lehengas. The ethnic jutti, especially the new contemporary designer version as reinterpreted by NEEDLEDUST, works extremely successfully in creating a glam look for your wedding. Besides, quite like the wedding lehenga that you have chosen, our juttis are the results of hours and hours of painstaking and loving labour that goes into the design and craftsmanship of each pair of juttis.

What can I pair black juttis with?

Black is a popular evening colour and the LBD or the little black dress, was immortalised by Coco Chanel. Our black juttis range from the exquisitely embellished, subtle pairs to the vibrant pairs that feature ornate patterns. These modern juttis are perfect with your range of little black dresses, your favourite long dresses or a gown that you love. Their handcrafted expression makes our jutti designs timeless classics that you can carry off with Indian attire as well as western wear. From the traditional saree to ghararas and the palazzo, our handcrafted juttis are a great style match with any of your designer ensembles from evening gowns to jumpsuits. These new model juttis are meant for today’s woman for whom versatility is as much of a virtue in her wardrobe favourites, as much as distinctiveness. Wear our jutti designs with trousers, all forms of pants and bottoms, with your suit. Match our designer juttis with your gorgeous designer ensembles and get ready to receive compliments for your stunning taste. Contrast pairings are also very trendy and work beautifully for all kinds of occasions. Black and white are, in fact, one of the most classic stylings and are featured in every fashionista’s wardrobe.