Multicoloured Jutti: Crafting Vibrancy for Summer Festivities

Dive into the world of colour with Needledust's "Bano Jutti." This unique creation combines varied patches of fabrics, including silk, shibori, and muslin, hand-embroidered with fine zardozi and sequins. The result? A harmonious clash of textures and hues, perfect for summer weddings and festive occasions. Pair it with denim and a muted top for a casual chic look or with your favourite mul mul suit for a touch of traditional elegance. Let Needledust's Multicoloured Juttis be your statement piece, adding a pop of fun and color to your summer wardrobe.

Gold and Silver: Shimmering Elegance for Summer Soirees

Step into luxury with Needledust's "Monna Jutti." Set on an ivory base, this gold and silver jutti features shimmering gold and silver zardozi handwork, adorned with festive colors like hot pink, burnt orange, and marigold yellow. Its stunning all-over jaal design adds a touch of glamour to any ensemble, making it the perfect choice for summer festivities. Whether you're attending a wedding or a special occasion, let Needledust's Monna Party wear Jutti be your go-to accessory for adding a dash of sparkle to your summer look.

Pastel Jutti: Elegant Charm for Summer Celebrations

Celebrate summer in style with Needledust's "Rabee Jutti." This elegant creation features delicate pastel hues and champagne sparkles, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your ensemble. Inspired by intricate Persian jaali design, this pastel jutti showcases artisanal excellence with subtle florals hand-embroidered with resham thread work and sequins. Whether it's a daytime event or an evening soiree, elevate your summer look with Needledust's Rabee Jutti, and let your style shine bright all season long.

Rose Gold Jutti: Pop of Fun for Summer Days

Add a pop of fun to your summer outfits with Needledust's "Rose gold Jutti." Featuring a white and yellow pin stripe base adorned with eclectic retro hearts and blooming flowers, this Ethnic jutti exudes playful charm. Bright blues, pinks, yellow, and lavender with gold and silver metal accents create a vibrant palette, while cute stuffed nano hearts dangling at the back spark conversations. A summer must-have, the Rossi Jutti brings joy and excitement to any occasion.

Blue Hand Embroidered Jutti: Minimal Elegance for Summer Soirees

Embrace minimal elegance with Needledust's " blue hand embroidered Jutti." Crafted from champagne silk with a beautiful jaali pattern in shimmering shades of rose gold, gold, and silver, this Designer jutti exudes sophistication. High-grade glass beads, sequins, and dabka add a touch of luxury, reflecting your personality with every step. Perfect for summer weddings and festive occasions, the Dali Jutti complements your refined style, making you feel elegant and confident.

Cream Embroidered Jutti: Summer with a Touch of Luxury

summer chic with Needledust's "Cream embroidered Jutti." Crafted from washed blue denim with colourful natural raffia knotted in delicate french knots, this jutti combines two favourites of the season – denim and raffia. Exuding a sense of luxury, the Monet Jutti features exquisite embroidery in cream, adding a touch of elegance to your ensemble. Whether it's a summer wedding or a festive celebration, step into style and luxury with the Monet Jutti.

Blue Denim Jutti: Effortless Chic for Summer Days

Meet your go-to summer footwear: Needledust's "Matilda Jutti." Effortlessly slip into these juttis with your favorite pair of denim and a crisp white poplin shirt for a casual yet chic look. But don't let its simplicity fool you – the Matilda Casual Jutti is also the perfect accessory to elevate your staple white kurti for summer. Crafted on a washed blue denim base, adorned with 3D ivory florals and high-grade pearls, this jutti tells the story of a blooming spring garden. Whether you're running errands or attending a summer gathering, step into style with the Matilda Jutti and effortlessly transition from basic to chic.