Heer Jutti

Step into the splendour of Heer Jutti, a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and cultural pride. Hand-embroidered with intricate Zardozi work in vibrant shades of rani, orange, and green, adorned with shimmering sequins and opulent gold beads, this leather jutti captures the essence of festive grandeur. Perfect for celebrating Independence Day or adding a regal touch to special occasions, Heer Party wear designer Juttis blends traditional charm with contemporary flair, symbolising the spirit of freedom and cultural heritage. Pair it elegantly with a traditional attire like a kurta set to enhance your festive look.

Monet Jutti

Embody artistic expression with Monet Jutti, a masterpiece of creative freedom and artisanal craftsmanship. Crafted from washed denim and adorned with colorful natural raffia knots in delicate French knots, this women's premium juttis celebrates individuality and style. Inspired by the spirit of Independence Day, Monet Premium Designer Juttis offers a unique blend of comfort and sophistication, perfect for those who appreciate luxury with a modern twist. Step confidently into festivities or casual gatherings with a footwear choice that symbolizes liberation and creative expression. Explore its charm and versatility with a traditional suit set to complete your ensemble.

Bano Jutti

Celebrate the Bohemian spirit with Bano Jutti, a vibrant tapestry of freedom and cultural fusion. This multicolour features upcycled silk, shibori, and muslin patches intricately hand-embroidered with fine zardozi and shimmering sequins in lively pops of color. Complete with playful silk tassels, Bano Designer Juttis for women exudes a carefree charm that complements both casual and festive attire. Ideal for Independence Day celebrations or everyday adventures, this multicolour jutti reflects a spirited sense of individuality and artistic expression.

Maeve Jutti

Elevate your look with ethereal beauty in Maeve Jutti, where soft pastel hues meet whimsical custom prints of blooming roses and lovebirds. Hand-embellished with colorful beads and delicate silver highlights, this casual jutti embodies grace and elegance. Whether paired with traditional Indian attire or contemporary Western ensembles, Trendy Designer Juttis symbolises the freedom to embrace cultural diversity and personal style. Perfect for Independence Day festivities or special occasions, it offers a sophisticated yet playful touch that celebrates the spirit of independence and creative expression. Complete your attire with a suit set to highlight its intricate details and enhance your festive appeal.

Celebrate Independence Day with Needledust's exclusive Designer juttis collection, each crafted to embody the essence of freedom and cultural pride. From the regal Heer Jutti to the artistic Monet Jutti, the bohemian Bano Jutti, and the ethereal Maeve Jutti, each pair represents a unique blend of tradition, craftsmanship, and contemporary style. Step into festivities with confidence and style, embracing the spirit of independence and cultural heritage with these exquisite footwear choices.