Kaipo & Akoya Juttis for Groom and Bride

Step into matrimonial bliss with the epitome of coordination in our 'KAIPO' juttis for groom and 'Akoya' for the bride. For him, 'KAIPO' is a celebration of masculinity in the subtle charm of dusty pink. Embroidered with the beauty of the tropics in champagne threadwork on a raw silk base, it effortlessly blends tradition with contemporary allure. Pink takes centre stage, and rightly so! For her, the 'Akoya' jutti is an exquisite expression of elegance, adorned with a cursive neckline in high-grade imitation pearls and glass beads. Shades of peach, soft pink, seafoam blue, mint green, and faint lemon come together in a subtle yet glamorous dance. Perfectly coordinated, these his & her juttis not only symbolize unity but also stand as a testament to refined style, making them the ideal choice for your wedding day.

Gaia & Love Notes Juttis for Groom and Bride

Embark on a journey of coordinated elegance with our 'Gaia' wedding juttis for groom and 'Love Notes' jutti for bride- an artistic pairing that weaves a tale of love and commitment. For him, 'Gaia' is a masterpiece, a work of art featuring a beige suede base adorned with beautiful flora details capturing the silhouette of a woman's face. The detailed handwork in dull gold, champagne, and silver threads brings this creation to life, adding a touch of sophistication to the groom's ensemble. For her, 'Love Notes' unfolds the enchanting story of Love Birds, known for their monogamous pairs and affectionate nature. The pristine white base is adorned with flora and fauna in intricate details of gold and ivory, accentuated with beads and a pair of metal love birds, symbolizing the couple's enduring love. Together, these stylish juttis are more than footwear; they are a harmonious expression of love, making them the perfect companions for your special day.

Zale & Leela Juttis for Groom and Bride

Elevate your wedding ensemble with the perfect coordination of our Zale juttis for the groom and 'Leela' for the bride—a must-have pairing that seamlessly blends minimalism with boho festive charm. For him, 'Zale' is a style statement with minimal thread embroidery and rustic metallic beads on a non-leather tan base, exuding a sense of understated sophistication. The genuine leather sole adds a touch of luxury, while the deep warm color palette with perfect gold accents brings boho festivity to every step. For her, 'Leela' is a showstopper, featuring an Aztec pattern embroidered on a black silk base. The design gracefully transitions into a fluid jaal embroidered in rich burgundy, olive, and deep tones with antique gold zari, dabka, beads, and sequins. Together, 'Zale' and 'Leela' redefine coordination, offering a perfect fusion of minimalism and vibrant celebration for the groom and bride on their special day.


Q: How can coordinating juttis enhance the overall look of the party?

A: Coordinating designer juttis provide a harmonious touch to the party's ensemble, creating a visually appealing and unified appearance. These specially curated juttis complement the wedding palette, adding an extra layer of elegance to the entire celebration.

Q: Are the juttis designed for comfort, especially for a day filled with celebrations?

A: Absolutely! Comfort is a top priority in our designs. The coordinating ethnic juttis are crafted with attention to both style and comfort, allowing the wedding party to dance and celebrate with ease throughout the festivities.

Q: Are there specific designs for brides and grooms in the coordinating collection?

A: Yes, our coordinating designer jutti collection features designs tailored for both brides and grooms. From vibrant colors to intricate embroidery, each pair is crafted to suit the unique styles and preferences of the entire party.