Cinderella Gold (Jutti)Cinderella Gold (Jutti)
On sale

Cinderella Gold (Jutti)

₹ 2,499 ₹ 3,690
Eve'S Garden (Jutti)Eve'S Garden (Jutti)
Sold out

Eve'S Garden (Jutti)

₹ 3,999 ₹ 6,990
Shooting Stars (Jutti)Shooting Stars (Jutti)
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Shooting Stars (Jutti)

₹ 2,999 ₹ 4,690
Kelaya (Jutti)Kelaya (Jutti)

Kelaya (Jutti)

₹ 4,990
Candie (Heel)Candie (Heel)
Sold out

Candie (Heel)

₹ 2,999 ₹ 6,290
Akoya (Jutti)Akoya (Jutti)

Akoya (Jutti)

₹ 5,690
Illuminare Kids (Jutti)Illuminare Kids (Jutti)
Needledust Kids
Jay (Man)Jay (Man)
Needledust Man

Jay (Man)

₹ 4,690
Nour (Purse)Nour (Purse)

Nour (Purse)

₹ 8,990
Audrey (Purse)Audrey (Purse)

Audrey (Purse)

₹ 7,990
Boaz (Man)Boaz (Man)
Needledust Man

Boaz (Man)

₹ 3,990
Gaia (Man)Gaia (Man)
Needledust ManOn sale

Gaia (Man)

₹ 2,499 ₹ 4,990
Firozeh (Jutti)Firozeh (Jutti)
On sale

Firozeh (Jutti)

₹ 2,999 ₹ 4,990

Fabulous Diwali footwear to go with your wardrobe!

The festive season is here and it’s time to plan your festive dressing, and naturally, your Diwali shopping! While you may have decided what to wear and might already have a special festive wardrobe all lined up, here’s a small question. Have you thought about what to wear on your feet? The most glam ensembles need footwear to match! And doubtless to say, footwear that’s smart and trendy as well as comfortable to wear all night long and to dance in! NEEDLEDUST offers a large variety of classic juttis, mules and sandals to help you create a festive wardrobe that simply shines with glam. Our luxury handcrafted juttis come embellished with gold work and we have many choices in golden juttis that sparkle with festive spirit. From intricately embroidered heritage patterns such as Beeba and Forever Yours-A are phenomenal Diwali jutti choices. When it comes to multicolour juttis, our newest model Heer, part of our festive Diwali launch is a fabulous choice. Traditional juttis are a footwear choice that is perfect for Diwali and other festivals.

8 reasons why juttis are such a fabulous festive choice!

One of the best parts about choosing a mojari jutti is the fact that it aces the match quotient with any ethnic attire. Little wonder, as it’s been designed across generations, to vibe perfectly with the array of ethnic apparel that our country offers, across the board! From lehngas, shararas and sarees, to gharara-cholis, pavadas-blouses, salwar-kameezes, kurta- pajamis or kurta-pallazzos, or even mundus, there’s practically nothing on the ethnic front that it does not team up with brilliantly!

Secondly, all our ethnic juttis are handcrafted for complete comfort. We have master artisans who have been working on the art of jutti handcrafting across generations. These talented craftsmen are who make our fabulous creations come alive in vibrant style. So you can rest in comfort, literally whether you wear our high heel sandals, our designer sandals, our flat sandals, or any pair of footwear from our studio. It’s luxuriously crafted in the best of leather, and other materials to offer a superlative degree of comfort for your feet.

Thirdly, one of most convenient and often overlooked part about our women’s juttis, designer mules and sandals is that they are easy to wear and easy to take off! A very important element of festive footwear is that it needs to be taken off at appropriate moments when you approach an altar in a home or attend that few minutes of pooja or aarti! That’s when easy to wear becomes a positive virtue!

Fourthly, our ethnic juttis, mules and sandals come in a variety of patterns and colours and fabrics, making them oh-so-easy to mix and match with almost any festive ensemble! From intricately embroidered traditional juttis to contemporary designs, to ornate black juttis, multicolour juttis, mojari juttis, designer flat sandals, we offer all that you could possibly need in terms of footwear for this festive season! Crimson, scarlet, fuchsia, pastel pink, shocking pink, emerald green, blues in various hues, ivory, and of course, the precious metallics! Silver and gold in all their glimmering sheen, ready to add pizzaz to your ensemble and overall festive look!

Fifth, the eternal classics of gold and silver are a splendid part of our repertoire! These versatile and consistent best-sellers are the stuff that festive ensembles are made of! Traditionally handworked threads of precious metallics make our designer juttis stand out! Further, there are many embellishments that are delicately interwoven into our patterns.

Sixth, our juttis, mules and sandals are designed to be heritage pieces. Pieces that qualify as heirloom possession. We borrow inspiration from our ancient, traditional jewellery styles of Zardozi, Salma Sitara, Dabka, Dori and Jadau craftsmanship! Making each piece that our master artisans handcraft, into a timeless piece of beauty.

Seventh, the hand embellishments we use cover gleaming sequins in different colours, shimmering glass beads of different sizes and shapes in a rainbow of shades, dazzling metallic threads in bronze, silver and gold, luminous faux pearls and crystal beads, too! The sparkle of a NEEDLEDUST pair of footwear is indeed vibrant yet subtle. Just perfect for teaming up with a trendy new outfit that’s classy and elegant.

Eighth, one of most wonderful features of our juttis are that they go with an entire spectrum of dresses and apparel! From all sorts of ethnic and festive wear to a whole slew of western apparel, from dresses and jumpsuits to pants and tops and smart seasonal jackets. Jeans and juttis are now a classic combination that needs no introduction! They are now part of our lifestyles, for both men and women!

Will golden juttis look good with festive wear?

Diwali is perhaps the festival that is the queen of sparkle! Lights everywhere, gleaming diyas and colourful decorations make every home and neighbourhood look like a magical place! Women dress at their best in shining finery. Naturally, Diwali juttis can be as vibrant and bold as you want them to be! Our festive juttis cover the precious gamut of gold, silver and bronze as well as a multitude of colours that might send a rainbow into hiding! This is Diwali footwear at its very best!