The carefree mom

We all know an aunt or friend’s mom who is super chill and always brightens up the room with her wit and smile. Add a splash of colours to that carefree mom’s wardrobe with these designer juttis. Express your love with all your heart and let her know that she shouldn’t change for anything in the world!

The dramatic mom

The dramatic mom isn’t easy but she’s definitely loved by all! She is always over-the-top but you just cannot resist her energy. She enters every room with full bling just like this pair of punjabi juttis. Her witty remarks are to die for, just as these ethnic juttis. Their extreme comfort will add ease to her daily routine.

The cool mom

The calm aura of the cool mom is super affectionate. Gift that super cool mother these comfy, traditional juttis for a beautiful time, just like her smile. Do you remember the times she let you go on those trips with friends without any drama? Well, now it’s your time to make her feel special.

The social influencer

For the one who cannot get enough of social media, these designer juttis are the way to go out and about! The social influencer moms have so much on their plate and they never have a dull moment just like these beautiful juttis. The knotted ropes, indigo print, abstract geometric pattern — well, what’s not to love here?

The Mompreneurs

Motherhood and entrepreneurship is a roller coaster life full of ups and downs. With such a hectic schedule, mommy bears might not get enough time to invest in comfy pairs of footwear. But here we are, helping you surprise your mom with a little bundle of joy — our special punjabi jutti collection.

The artsy mom

Some mothers are a rush of colours and they spread the beauty of art wherever they go! So, for all the artsy moms out there, we have a bright and vibrant surprise for you all. These premium juttis are embroidered with love. The tiny detailing reflects the magic of the artisans who only wish to fill your life with beauty and comfort.

The sarcastic mom

Gift your mom these astonishing pair of elegant juttis that will enhance her look in a jiffy. These hand embroidery juttis are hard to ignore, just like that ultra cool sarcastic mom. The fancy, stylish, designer juttis go hand-in-hand with her classy and chic attitude. The much needed comfort and convenience comes along with the premium design.

The cuddly mom

Some mommy bears are too cuddly and warm and these designer floral juttis will complement her look to the fullest. Our mothers have given us immense love and warmth through our childhood until the present day and now it’s time to fill her life with colours and comfort. Pick amongst the minimal, modern, ethnic and quirky juttis for your most special person.