For the optimistic one

This beautiful pair with twinkling stars and fireworks will inspire you to celebrate life as it comes. Wearing the outstanding design will remind you to enjoy the beauty in little things and smile away through hard days. If you are someone who is able to find gold in every situation, these are the perfect pair of juttis for you.

For the wandering traveller

If you are always on the go, then these embroidered pair of juttis are meant for you! The comfortable sole will help you explore every land unknown and the stylish design will complement every look. So gear on and don’t forget to leave a sparkle each place you visit.

For the Strong spirited one

Fresh blooms and lustrous beades define a positive personality oozing with radiance. If you are strong willed and your energy levels are always high, these sparkly pair of threaded juttis are calling out for you!. You can now add these shades of glory to your outfit with NEEDLEDUST’s Women's Day Special Sale!

For the generously gentle one

If subtle glam is your style, then don’t wait to grab these embroidered juttis online. With a cream base and beautiful opaqueness, this embroidered jutti will do justice to your gentle and calm nature. As calmness is your SUPERPOWER, let this ivory pair be your power suit.

For the soft-hearted one

If your heart goes ‘aww’ every time you look at puppies and spreading love is your life’s mission, so we have something beautiful stored in for you! These pair of juttis will bring out your harmonious personality and match with every outfit. The unique needle work and exceptional comfort is to die for! Make sure to add these to your cart as the Women’s Day Sale is approaching soon.

For the sarcasm queen

Are you the life of every party? And do people wait to hear your sassy jokes and puns? Well, if that’s the case, then you cannot miss out on these vibrant pair of juttis. The beautiful color pop and impactful design matches your personality perfectly! Even Jahnvi Kapoor couldn’t resist the charm of these sequinned juttis.

For the gypsy soul

There is no stopping for the soul that knows no limits! A comfortable pair of shoes is all she needs to explore every hidden secret of life. She is colourful, musical and full of adventure! You can hate her or adore her but definitely cannot ignore her and these pair define her style just right! Hand crafted Tassels, fringes, pom poms, thread work, sparkling beads and colors popping all over — full of life, isn’t it?

For the alpha woman

An alpha woman is a strong and independent female who does not fear walking alone. She is born a leader and enlightens every room she visits. Her timeless beauty and elegant style complement her strong mind. If your mission is to lead like an alpha, this silver jutti will make way for you with its beautiful pearls, silver dabka strings and swarovski beads.

For the one with big dreams

Do you wish to live a full life and like to jump at every new opportunity with enthusiasm? Sounds like you? Then this luxurious and sparkling golden jutti is meant to be in your wardrobe. Do justice to your outshining personality and grab these limited edition silk base juttis before the exclusive Women’s Day Offer ends!