The pearly intimacy:

This is for your soothing whites and blush pinks, waiting to go on a date with you. How about looking like a princess in a serene neutral dress paired up with these gorgeous pearl and crystal embroidered mules? We definitely approve! Keeping the outfit simple and making a statement with these mules: Jackie is the easiest yet prettiest thing you can do on this occasion.

An adorned-afternoon date:

This is a sign to ditch those reds and pinks and go colour blocking in your nearest cafe or restaurant with your favourite person. No one would have thought how good orange and blue look together, but look how one of the NEEDLEDUST gals is slaying in a crop top and a draped skirt paired perfectly with colour-coordinated mules. Get your hands on unicorn dreams or isle of oia for that perfect colourful brunch look.

A divine dinner:

Well realistically speaking, there is no other thing that can go well with romance other than ruffles! Ruffles will make you feel like you’re in Paris having a bougie dining experience and who doesn’t crave that? This Valentine, get all the glam with this Aurora juttis which complement ethnic but also western too proudly. Pair them with your prettiest skater, puffy or a ruffle dress and you’re good to go.

A bossy love affair:

For the chic diva who wants to go an extra classy mile to show that extra effort to their partner. Or should we say they want to look their best for themselves? This look screams badass to us, a blazer with a sheer dress articulated with embroidered silver juttis: Mayfair. This whole all-white look is where the heads start to turn and is a perfect example of breaking the norm this Valentine.

The minimalist charm:

Undoubtedly, a subtle look can steal the day and heart of your partner pretty easily when paired with these woollen snugs. Take out those co-ord sets, jeans and a nice top, any dress or jumpsuit, these will keep you covered and blend in with any outfit of yours. An added advantage would be keeping you warm in this season of hot chocolate cuddly mood. What do you think?