Rs. 5,990


Rs. 6,490
Floryn (Heel)Floryn (Heel)

Floryn (Heel)

Rs. 7,690
Candie (Heel)Candie (Heel)

Candie (Heel)

Rs. 6,290
Meah (Heel)Meah (Heel)

Meah (Heel)

Rs. 6,990
Vanna (Heel)Vanna (Heel)

Vanna (Heel)

Rs. 6,990
Tala (Heel)Tala (Heel)

Tala (Heel)

Rs. 7,690
Audrey (Heel)Audrey (Heel)

Audrey (Heel)

Rs. 7,690
Rosie (Heel)Rosie (Heel)

Rosie (Heel)

Rs. 6,990
Danae (Heel)Danae (Heel)

Danae (Heel)

Rs. 7,990
Twin in HeerTwin in Heer

Twin in Heer

Rs. 9,270
Twin in SaebaTwin in Saeba

Twin in Saeba

Rs. 8,670
Laila & BoazLaila & Boaz

Laila & Boaz

Rs. 9,970
Kelaya & RomeoKelaya & Romeo

Kelaya & Romeo

Rs. 10,370
Latte & RomeoLatte & Romeo

Latte & Romeo

Rs. 9,170
Nargis & JayNargis & Jay

Nargis & Jay

Rs. 10,670

Can I wear ethnic juttis for everyday wear?

Indians have been wearing ethnic juttis for centuries. Mojari juttis are part of our culture and we wear them with almost everything ethnic. Delightfully, though, pathbreakers and innovators such as NEEDLEDUST have created stunning patterns that are at home in anyone’s closet. Today’s designer juttis or mojaris for women, as they are also referred to, come in a fabulous range of colours and patterns. These vary from beautifully crafted pairs featuring fancy jutti designs that complement the trending contemporary wear such as kurtis and jeans, palazzos, dresses, skirts and shorts. Jumpsuits, too! NEEDLEDUST handcraft uniquely designed juttis that can be wonderfully accessorised with all the above in ways that can transform your simple, daily wear into an outstanding combination. Team them with jeans for that casual yet marvellously chic look. Our pairs such as Alchemy, made with denim, or Delilah, are a cinch with any pair of jeans you own. Team them with palazzos for a look of inimitable elegance. Apart from ethnic juttis that are a superb match with your daily wear wardrobe, NEEDLEDUST also make extremely stylish as well as comfy sandals and flat mules for women that help you put your prettiest foot forward. Added bonus, if you are an animal and earth lover, our flat mules are all crafted from the most premium vegan leather.

What are the special occasions I can wear juttis for?

The good news: ethnic juttis are an extremely versatile piece of footwear! They will go wonderfully with almost any ensemble in your wardrobe. The bad news (if you can consider this bad news): you won’t be able to get enough of them! Jutti love is a phenomenon that has captured the imaginations of today’s generations and they find they want a jutti with each outfit! Black juttis are sensational with any formal evening wear—from that little black dress you adore, to a pair of palazzos and a smart blouse or that quirky jumpsuit you just bought. The designer jutti has changed our perceptions of how we match and complement our clothes. NEEDLEDUST offer fancy juttis designs that are meant to be worn for any special occasion such as a first date, a wedding (your own included), movie night with the girls, a board meeting with investors or a festive occasion that demands glitter and sparkle. Mojaris for women are a trend that’s here to stay with us and is only growing as more and more women fall in love with this ancient piece of heritage.

Can ethnic juttis go with dresses?

If you have any reservations or doubts on this score, just look at the instagram handles of today’s stars. Today’s top designers and celebrities are showing us the way. Follow them to figure out how to mix and match ethnic juttis and mojaris with their glamorous outfits as well as their daily war!. They wear ethnic juttis with dresses of all lengths, from the shortest of micro minis to long, flowing maxi dresses and also all lengths in between! Have a flared dress with an A line silhouette? We have more than one pair of juttis which will prove a perfect match. Thinking of wearing that straight cut tunic to the office picnic? Well, we have several pairs that would be a cinch. Designer juttis have this dilemma sorted. Lovingly handcrafted with imaginative embellishments that range from wild flowers to sequins, beads and tassels, from pearls and crystal beads to silver and gold threads, mojaris for women are simply spectacular in the way they are designed. Comfort is paramount and supports in the form of heel shields have been incorporated into the intrinsic patterns. Not just women’s dresses but NEEDLEDUST also offer special juttis for kids which are just as beautifully handcrafted. Moms can now twin with their little ones and wear matching juttis!

Why are NEEDLEDUST juttis so elegant?

Each and every single pair of designer juttis that NEEDLEDUST makes are lovingly handcrafted across hours of labour by master artisans. This painstaking effort begins at the inception phase when the design of an ethnic jutti is first created. From the colours to the precise patterns to the embellishments that are going to be part of this timeless piece, each detail is conceptualised, drawn, handcrafted in the form of samples and then tested before actually becoming a new jutti. From the mood of the design, to the colours of the season, to the material to be used, each is carefully tested and put into place. The artisans still take hours to stitch each pair and embellish according to the detailed pattern provided. It’s a labour of love and a piece of heritage. Further, our founder, Shirin Mann, is extremely particular about ensuring each detail has been both designed and implemented as per her blueprint. Her personal interest and passion for this ancient craft and her dedication to creating contemporary interpretations that find favour across the board from movie stars to fashionistas, is what makes each pair of NEEDLEDUST juttis, mules and sandals, a masterpiece to be cherished.