Mai Tai (Mule)Mai Tai (Mule)
On sale

Mai Tai (Mule)

₹ 2,999 ₹ 4,990
Kai (Mule)Kai (Mule)
On sale

Kai (Mule)

₹ 2,999 ₹ 5,990
Grace (Mule)Grace (Mule)
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Grace (Mule)

₹ 3,499 ₹ 6,490
Rosalind (Mule)Rosalind (Mule)
On sale

Rosalind (Mule)

₹ 2,999 ₹ 4,990
Black Rosé (Mule)Black Rosé (Mule)
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Black Rosé (Mule)

₹ 2,999 ₹ 6,490
Summertime Sweetness (Mule)Summertime Sweetness (Mule)
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Summertime Sweetness (Mule)

₹ 3,299 ₹ 5,690
Tropical Groove  (Mule)Tropical Groove  (Mule)
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Tropical Groove (Mule)

₹ 3,299 ₹ 5,990
Nour (Mule)Nour (Mule)
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Nour (Mule)

₹ 2,999 ₹ 4,990

What are Mules?

When you have shoes that are covered in front and don’t have a back, they are called Mules. Apparently, they were Marilyn Monroe’s favourite shoe! Why aren’t we surprised? Because we at NEEDLEDUST are complete fans of Mules shoes and we handcraft some of the most beautiful mule shoes there are. Our master artisans handcraft intricately embellished and hand embroidered mules that are among the most comfy mules there are on this planet! Our mules for women are made of vegan leather and are lovingly handworked over several hours of labour. Our vegan leather mules rival any other shoe for the title of the most beautiful mules and shoes in the world. At least that’s what some of our customers and loyal fans tell us.

Mules for weddings

Our beautiful mules are a fabulous option for wearing with your bridal lehenga, ensemble, or saree. They are a stunning option for bridal juttis, or any wedding footwear, embellished as they are with the most exquisite dabka, zardozi, and zari work. Our designer mules are as magnificent as any designer jutti, since we use the same ancient techniques that we use on our gorgeous juttis and you know how splendid our shoes are. Our party wear mules are a great substitute for the party wear jutti as they are available in vibrant designs as well as subtle colours that allow you to match them easily with your celebration apparel. Our pure vegan mules are loved by conscious dressers as a fabulous alternative to mojari juttis and other ethnic juttis. Our Zuri mules, handcrafted in timeless techniques come in a pure woven gold that’s a cinch for any festive or special occasion outfit you want a match with and a superb choice as a change from the traditional golden jutti.

Why are NEEDLEDUST Mules so popular?

Our Mules are handcrafted from a variety of conscious lifestyle choice materials. They are handworked by master artisans over many hours of painstaking effort. Naturally, they are preferred by those in the know, the truly discerning fashionistas.

Here are some of the reasons in short:

Natural materials

Mules from NEEDLEDUST are handcrafted with vegan leather and the finest materials available ranging from silk to linen and wool.

Timeless Techniques

The techniques used to embellish them are ancient techniques handed down generations of master craftsmen. From Zardozi, Zari work, Succha kaam, Chandi taar, Dabka, Dori, Kundan, and other heritage techniques, the mules feature the most exotic arts and processes.

Hand Embroidered

Crystals, beads, sequins, and brocade threads in different colours, metallic finishes, sizes, and shapes are used to adorn the Mule shoes. In short, these mules are stunning works of art!

Superb Comfort

Handcrafted to the highest standards possible, our Mules feature a number of advantages that make them not aesthetically superior but also ensure that they offer a level of comfort hitherto unknown. Soft and finest, supple vegan leather, pillowy fabrics, and materials, masterfully crafted into amazingly comfortable footwear by leading masters of shoe craft make for a genuinely superior shoe experience for the wearer. Our testimonials from our wearers and regular clientele reveal how much they enjoy wearing our shoes.

Even more pertinent, since our Mules are backless shoes, they are extremely easy to slip on and slip off and feature no deterrent of buckles and clasps. Easy handling is a huge plus point in favour of mules.

100% Vegan Leather Mules

Further, since they are 100% vegan, they are much beloved as an option to leather footwear such as kolhapuri sandals, leather kolhapuri, leather juttis, or even the casual jutti crafted from leather that is commonly available across the region. Not only do they look simply out of this world, they are also ideal for people who are committed to veganism.

These are only some of the reasons why there is such a diehard following for NEEDLEDUST mules. Our high fashion quotient combined with the high degree of comfort ensure.

When did mules start becoming popular?

Mules as a design, were even worn in ancient Rome and in the 17th century, wealthy French aristocrats began wearing them under their ball gowns. Paintings have celebrated the Mule as a shoe worthy of empresses and queens. Perhaps no designer flats have received as many accolades as our Mules. Over the centuries, people discovered that Mules were more comfy than the most comfy sandals, and being fully handcrafted, they were preferred to ordinary handcrafted sandals or the common flat sandals for women that are so often seen. NEEDLEDUST Mules hold their own against many kinds of shoes, including designer sandals, traditional ethnic juttis, women's flats, kolhapuri sandals, leather kolhapuris, the regular leather jutti or even the popular range of casual juttis. Since Mules have no back, they are easy to slip on and slip off and have no deterrent of buckles and clasps, making them even more attractive.