Monroe Grey (Juttis)Monroe Grey (Juttis)
Firdaus (Juttis)Firdaus (Juttis)

Firdaus (Juttis)

₹ 5,990
Ruh (Juttis)Ruh (Juttis)

Ruh (Juttis)

₹ 4,990
Latte (Juttis)Latte (Juttis)

Latte (Juttis)

₹ 3,990
Beeba (Juttis)Beeba (Juttis)

Beeba (Juttis)

₹ 4,990
Eve'S Garden (Juttis)Eve'S Garden (Juttis)
Enchanted Forest (Juttis)Enchanted Forest (Juttis)
Lia (Juttis)Lia (Juttis)

Lia (Juttis)

₹ 4,990
Seychelles (Sandal)Seychelles (Sandal)
Needledust X SAND
Leela (Juttis)Leela (Juttis)

Leela (Juttis)

₹ 4,990
Mehfil (Heel)Mehfil (Heel)

Mehfil (Heel)

₹ 9,990
Heer (Juttis)Heer (Juttis)

Heer (Juttis)

₹ 5,990
Danae (Heel)Danae (Heel)

Danae (Heel)

₹ 7,990
Jasmine (Juttis)Jasmine (Juttis)

Jasmine (Juttis)

₹ 5,690


₹ 14,690
Ara (Juttis)Ara (Juttis)

Ara (Juttis)

₹ 5,990
Vanna (Heel)Vanna (Heel)

Vanna (Heel)

₹ 6,990
Akoya (Jutti)Akoya (Jutti)

Akoya (Jutti)

₹ 5,690
Meah (Heel)Meah (Heel)

Meah (Heel)

₹ 6,990
Illuminare KidsIlluminare Kids
Needledust Kids

Illuminare Kids

₹ 3,990
Audrey (Heel)Audrey (Heel)

Audrey (Heel)

₹ 7,690
Raina (Juttis)Raina (Juttis)

Raina (Juttis)

₹ 4,690
Sitara Gold (Jutti)Sitara Gold (Jutti)
Nour (Purse)Nour (Purse)

Nour (Purse)

₹ 8,990
Jay (Juttis)Jay (Juttis)
Needledust Man

Jay (Juttis)

₹ 4,690


₹ 4,990
Audrey (Purse)Audrey (Purse)

Audrey (Purse)

₹ 7,990

Ganesh Chaturthi Special Collection

Introducing our exclusive Ganesh Chaturthi Special Jutti Collection - A true testament to luxury, premium craftsmanship, and handcrafted elegance. Each pair is meticulously crafted with utmost care, using only the finest materials to create a range of opulent juttis that resonate with the spirit of the auspicious occasion. Experience the joy of embracing tradition and sophistication combined in every step you take. The luxury juttis in this collection feature captivating designs, with intricate embroidery that exudes a sense of sacred charm and cultural heritage. Let your feet indulge in the comfort and splendour of our handcrafted juttis, designed to complement your festive attire with unmatched beauty. With a versatile range of colours and styles, our Ganesh Chaturthi Special Juttis are the perfect choice to enhance your celebrations with grace and allure.

Statement Classics: Elevate Your Everyday Style

Elevate your everyday style with our Statement Classics. These Ganesh Chaturthi special juttis are a fusion of classic elegance and contemporary charm, making them a versatile addition to your wardrobe. From casual outings to special occasions, they add a touch of sophistication and flair to any outfit. Handcrafted with precision, these Premium juttis for women are a true reflection of your unique personality and fashion sensibility. Make a statement of individuality with our Statement Classics and step into a world of timeless allure and chic sophistication. These luxurious juttis can effortlessly complement a variety of traditional ensembles, such as ethnic kurtas, sarees, and lehengas, adding a touch of grace and refinement to your Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations.

Embrace Every Occasion with Style

Introducing our exquisite Ganesh Chaturthi Jutti Collection, featuring five distinct styles to complement your every mood and occasion.

Designer Juttis: Elevate your fashion game with our Ganesh Chaturthi special Designer Juttis These handcrafted beauties showcase intricate detailing and modern flair, making them the perfect choice for parties, weddings, and special events. Step into the limelight with these statement pieces that add a touch of sophistication to any ensemble.

Ethnic Juttis: Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage with our Ethnic Juttis . Inspired by traditional motifs and embroidery, these juttis exude timeless charm and elegance. Perfect for festive occasions and traditional celebrations, these beauties will add a touch of tradition to your look.

Festive Juttis: Celebrate joyous occasions with our Festive Juttis. Vibrant colours, exquisite embellishments, and a dash of sparkle make these festive juttis the epitome of celebration. Whether it's Diwali, Eid, or any special festival, these juttis will make you shine bright.

Multicolor Juttis: Celebrate the vibrancy of Ganesh Chaturthi with our exquisite Multicolor Juttis. These handcrafted beauties are a true reflection of the festive spirit, featuring a delightful array of colors that add a burst of joy to your celebrations. These versatile juttis complement your ethnic attire effortlessly, allowing you to pair them with sarees, palazzo sets, suit sets, and more.

Golden Juttis: Add a touch of glamour with our Golden Juttis. These juttis are a celebration of luxury and opulence, adorned with golden accents that radiate sophistication. Perfect for grand events and evening soirees, these designer juttis will make you feel like royalty.

Complete Your Look with these Collection :-

In addition to our Designer Juttis, Needle Dust offers an enchanting array of Ganesh Chaturthi Special collections featuring Designer Sandals, Heels, and Mules. Each pair is thoughtfully crafted with love and care, ensuring a perfect blend of luxury and comfort for your festive celebrations. Elevate your style and embrace the festive spirit with our handpicked assortment of Ganesh Chaturthi Special footwear.

Luxury Sandals

Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in style with our Luxury sandals. These exquisite handcrafted beauties are the perfect choice to elevate your festive look with elegance and grace. Embrace the spirit of the occasion as you adorn your feet with our sandals, adding a touch of sophistication to every step you take during this auspicious celebration.

Stylish Mules

Embrace comfort and glamour with our Stylish Mules during Ganesh Chaturthi. Crafted with precision and adorned with flair, these mules offer the perfect blend of elegance and ease for your festive celebrations. From traditional gatherings to special events, our stylish mules are the go-to companions to complement your festive attire.

Fashionable Heels

Make a fashion statement this Ganesh Chaturthi with our fashionable heels. These luxurious handcrafted masterpieces are a celebration of grandeur and opulence, perfect for grand events and evening soirees. Step into the limelight with confidence, embracing the essence of tradition and style with our exquisite heels during this joyous occasion.

In conclusion, Needle Dust's Ganesh Chaturthi Special Collection offers a truly enchanting and diverse array of handcrafted footwear, perfect for embracing the spirit of this auspicious occasion. From the classic elegance and contemporary charm of Juttis to the timeless allure of our Ethnic Juttis, each pair is a masterpiece that reflects the rich cultural heritage and celebrates the joyous festivities. Our Festive Juttis add a burst of vibrant colors and sparkle to elevate any celebration, while our Juttis offer comfort and style for everyday wear during this festive season.