Eve'S Garden (Jutti)Eve'S Garden (Jutti)
On sale

Eve'S Garden (Jutti)

₹ 3,999 ₹ 6,990
Meadowsweet Jane (Jutti)Meadowsweet Jane (Jutti)
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Meadowsweet Jane (Jutti)

₹ 2,699 ₹ 4,690
Latte (Jutti)Latte (Jutti)

Latte (Jutti)

₹ 3,990
Forever Yours Kids (Jutti)Forever Yours Kids (Jutti)
Needledust Kids
Forever Yours (Jutti)Forever Yours (Jutti)
On sale

Forever Yours (Jutti)

₹ 2,999 ₹ 4,690
Aquamarine Kids (Jutti)Aquamarine Kids (Jutti)
Needledust KidsOn sale

Aquamarine Kids (Jutti)

₹ 1,499 ₹ 2,990
Rose Quartz Kids (Jutti)Rose Quartz Kids (Jutti)
Needledust Kids
Heer Kids (Jutti)Heer Kids (Jutti)
Needledust Kids
Saeba Kids (Jutti)Saeba Kids (Jutti)
Needledust KidsOn sale

Saeba Kids (Jutti)

₹ 1,499 ₹ 2,990
Jasmine Kids (Jutti)Jasmine Kids (Jutti)
Needledust Kids
Nour (Purse)Nour (Purse)

Nour (Purse)

₹ 8,990
Rose Quartz (Purse)Rose Quartz (Purse)
On sale

Rose Quartz (Purse)

₹ 5,999 ₹ 7,990
Galaxy (Purse)Galaxy (Purse)
On sale

Galaxy (Purse)

₹ 5,299 ₹ 6,990
Audrey (Purse)Audrey (Purse)

Audrey (Purse)

₹ 7,990
Danae (Heel)Danae (Heel)

Danae (Heel)

₹ 7,990
Rosie (Heel)Rosie (Heel)

Rosie (Heel)

₹ 6,990
Audrey (Heel)Audrey (Heel)

Audrey (Heel)

₹ 7,690
Tala (Heel)Tala (Heel)
On sale

Tala (Heel)

₹ 3,499 ₹ 7,690
Vanna (Heel)Vanna (Heel)

Vanna (Heel)

₹ 6,990
Meah (Heel)Meah (Heel)

Meah (Heel)

₹ 6,990
Candie (Heel)Candie (Heel)
On sale

Candie (Heel)

₹ 2,999 ₹ 6,290
Victoria (Heel)Victoria (Heel)
On sale

Victoria (Heel)

₹ 2,999 ₹ 6,990
Floryn (Heel)Floryn (Heel)

Floryn (Heel)

₹ 7,690
Grace (Mule)Grace (Mule)
On sale

Grace (Mule)

₹ 3,499 ₹ 6,490
Black Rosé (Mule)Black Rosé (Mule)
On sale

Black Rosé (Mule)

₹ 2,999 ₹ 6,490
Nour (Mule)Nour (Mule)
On sale

Nour (Mule)

₹ 2,999 ₹ 4,990
Summertime Sweetness (Mule)Summertime Sweetness (Mule)
On sale

Summertime Sweetness (Mule)

₹ 3,299 ₹ 5,690
Tropical Groove  (Mule)Tropical Groove  (Mule)
On sale

Tropical Groove (Mule)

₹ 3,299 ₹ 5,990
Bahamas (Sandal)Bahamas (Sandal)
Needledust X SAND

Bahamas (Sandal)

₹ 4,990
Puglia (Sandal)Puglia (Sandal)
On sale

Puglia (Sandal)

₹ 2,999 ₹ 4,990
Barbados (Sandal/Kolhapair)Barbados (Sandal/Kolhapair)
On sale

Barbados (Sandal/Kolhapair)

₹ 2,999 ₹ 4,990

Needledust revived the traditional art of making ethnic juttis for women with their fabulous range of hand crafted and hand embellished artisanal footwear featuring juttis, mules and sandals. This created an unprecedented demand in these luxury juttis for significant occasions, especially for bridal wear.

Needledust offers a vibrant range of bridal juttis, resplendent in gold and silver. Handcrafted from the finest leather, these wedding juttis for ladies are hand embellished with intricate thread work in bright and happy colours that provide the perfect counterfoil to a heavily worked wedding outfit along with a whole gamut of breath taking embellishments. The designs and patterns used in juttis for weddings range from geometrical patterns to floral motifs and also to contemporary takes on ancient designs with peacocks, flowers, paisleys, birds and other popular designs.
The timeless construct of the Punjabi jutti for weddings that were used for royalty have inspired the carefully curated bridal Punjabi juttis from Needledust that are seeing such a resurgence today. We offer a select range of exclusive patterns, fabrics, embellishments and designs, all hand crafted with the finest materials available. No wonder, from discerning women with great taste, to actors and celebrities, all choose to wear Needledust at their weddings and special occasions.

10 Reasons YOU Should Wear Needledust Juttis At Your Wedding!

1. Exquisite Craftsmanship

There’s quite nothing that matches the luxurious feel of a Needledust pair of ethnic footwear for women! Softly cocooning your feet, the quintessential Needledust women’s jutti is a treat for your feet. Each pair of footwear, whether it’s juttis for women, designer sandals, or wedding heels, is a labour of love and artisanry of the highest standards. Nothing else would do for our brand and for you on your wedding day. Walk tall when you’re wearing Needledust. Even your wedding outfit designer is going to breathe easy with your choice! They know and recognise quality when they see it!

2. Contemporary designs

Peacocks dancing at your feet. Exotic butterflies flitting around with each step you take. Flowers that fall gently each time you put your foot forward. Finely embroidered in glittering colours and metallics. But also whispering in muted voices. Colours that celebrate the revelry that’s but natural at Indian weddings. Ancient motifs recreated to showcase modern sensibilities. Trendy patterns that draw gasps of attention when you put that pretty foot forward. Obviously, they are designed to do so!

3. Finest materials

Luxury silks. Natural muslins. Washed denim. Glossy velvets. Ethically sourced leather. Premium vegan leather. The base materials we use, the threads, the embellishments are all of the best quality, carefully chosen for their aesthetic value and their premiumness. When it comes to any of our juttis, our mules, our sandals, our wedding heels, we make no compromises whatsoever. That’s Needledust for you. All so you sparkle, on your special day. No matter which Needledust model you pick.

4. Handcrafted

Each pair of juttis for women that we make needs hours of painstaking labour. Lovingly executed, with intent attention to detail. Each women’s jutti created so you are proud to wear it on that most special day of your life—your wedding! So you can keep your head high and put your best foot forward as a bride! It’s your day and we know you need to own it like the empress you are!

5. Luxuriously embellished

Pearls. Rhinestones. Crystals. Sequins. Glittering beads. Mirrors. Gleaming tassels. Real life flowers. (Yes, you heard right.) Shells. Bells. Pom poms. Gleaming silks. And glistening threads. Juttis that walk confidently with your designer ensemble. Sparkling mules that match each step of your bridal journey. Wedding heels that glimmer and sparkle with each step. No (diamanté) stone left unturned in our quest to making sure you shine and look absolutely radiant on your wedding day.

6. Bright and vibrant

From celebratory saffrons, resplendent reds, glimmering greens, bewitching blues, irresistible yellows, knockout purples and smashing pinks, the spectrum of colours our juttis and mules come in, are simply legendary. They are the stuff of Aladdin’s cave treasure! “Open sesame!” we say and enter. Discover gorgeous golds, shimmering silvers and, yes! Magnificent blacks! No matter what you’re looking for, we have it in our treasure trove, waiting to be discovered.

7. Cool and sophisticated

If whispers of colour are what you seek, explore our extra special range of pales. Muted tints, oh-so-subtle hints of colour, the palest of pales, delicate pastels, we could go on, and on. Shades of ivory. Baby blush pinks. Cloud inspired blues. The softest of whites. A caress of cream. Muted golds. Silent silvers. Be that not-so-bashful but radiantly aware bride who needs only whisper of her allure, her presence… deeply confident that serenity and tranquility speak volumes, without saying a single word. Turn heads as you gracefully glide down to the bridal pavilion.

8. Constant innovation

Resting on our laurels is not for us. The acclaim and recognition we receive for our juttis and mules spur us on, farther and farther, towards that distant beacon of discovery. We experiment continuously in our juttis—with materials, with embellishments, with techniques, with patterns, to create yet more beauty and joy for each of our patronesses. We challenge ourselves, our artisans, our imaginations and our dreams to follow the song of our hearts.

9. Extremely versatile

When we reinvented the women’s jutti and then added mules for women, sandals and heels, we knew our designs would confidently straddle as many worlds as they needed to. Brides turn to us but so do regular working women who marry our fabulous juttis for women and women’s mules with cocktail dresses and evening gowns. They team up our gorgeous styles—ranging from muslin, denim and subtle leather, with a pant suit or a pair of jeans and a classic shirt. When you have the taste and the style to match, you can choose and pick as you please. It’s the formula for gorgeous!

10. Wide range of styles

Wedding heels? Bridal juttis? Ethnic heels? Women’s sandals? Punjabi bridal juttis? Mules for women? Juttis for women? Ethnic juttis? No matter what you search for, no matter the style you seek, Needledust is proud to have a genuinely wide selection of looks and styles. Because we think of you when we design. Of the clothes you wear, the occasions you wear them on, the places you wear them to. We know you, our dear patroness. And that’s the secret of our bond with you.