Ruh (Jutti)Ruh (Jutti)

Ruh (Jutti)

₹ 4,990
Latte (Jutti)Latte (Jutti)

Latte (Jutti)

₹ 3,990
Cinderella Gold (Jutti)Cinderella Gold (Jutti)
On sale

Cinderella Gold (Jutti)

₹ 2,499 ₹ 3,690
Beeba (Jutti)Beeba (Jutti)

Beeba (Jutti)

₹ 4,990
Eve'S Garden (Jutti)Eve'S Garden (Jutti)
On sale

Eve'S Garden (Jutti)

₹ 3,999 ₹ 6,990
Enchanted Forest (Jutti)Enchanted Forest (Jutti)
On sale

Enchanted Forest (Jutti)

₹ 2,999 ₹ 4,690
Meadowsweet Jane (Jutti)Meadowsweet Jane (Jutti)
On sale

Meadowsweet Jane (Jutti)

₹ 2,699 ₹ 4,690
Dancing Pearls (Jutti)Dancing Pearls (Jutti)
On sale

Dancing Pearls (Jutti)

₹ 2,999 ₹ 4,290
Lia (Jutti)Lia (Jutti)

Lia (Jutti)

₹ 4,990
Shooting Stars (Jutti)Shooting Stars (Jutti)
On sale

Shooting Stars (Jutti)

₹ 2,999 ₹ 4,690
Mai Tai (Mule)Mai Tai (Mule)
On sale

Mai Tai (Mule)

₹ 2,999 ₹ 4,990
Seychelles (Sandal)Seychelles (Sandal)
Needledust X SAND
Forever Yours (Jutti)Forever Yours (Jutti)
On sale

Forever Yours (Jutti)

₹ 2,999 ₹ 4,690
Leela (Jutti)Leela (Jutti)

Leela (Jutti)

₹ 4,990
Mehfil (Heel)Mehfil (Heel)

Mehfil (Heel)

₹ 9,990
Kelaya (Jutti)Kelaya (Jutti)

Kelaya (Jutti)

₹ 4,990
Danae (Heel)Danae (Heel)

Danae (Heel)

₹ 7,990
Heer (Jutti)Heer (Jutti)
On sale

Heer (Jutti)

₹ 3,699 ₹ 5,990
Candie (Heel)Candie (Heel)
On sale

Candie (Heel)

₹ 2,999 ₹ 6,290


₹ 14,690
Aurora (Jutti)Aurora (Jutti)

Aurora (Jutti)

₹ 5,990
Kai (Mule)Kai (Mule)
On sale

Kai (Mule)

₹ 2,999 ₹ 5,990
Ara (Jutti)Ara (Jutti)

Ara (Jutti)

₹ 5,990
Vanna (Heel)Vanna (Heel)

Vanna (Heel)

₹ 6,990
Akoya (Jutti)Akoya (Jutti)

Akoya (Jutti)

₹ 5,690
Meah (Heel)Meah (Heel)

Meah (Heel)

₹ 6,990
Illuminare Kids (Jutti)Illuminare Kids (Jutti)
Needledust Kids
Audrey (Heel)Audrey (Heel)

Audrey (Heel)

₹ 7,690
Raina (Jutti)Raina (Jutti)

Raina (Jutti)

₹ 4,690
Jay (Man)Jay (Man)
Needledust Man

Jay (Man)

₹ 4,690
Nour (Purse)Nour (Purse)

Nour (Purse)

₹ 8,990
Malta (Sandal)Malta (Sandal)
On sale

Malta (Sandal)

₹ 2,499 ₹ 4,690

Exploring the Joy of Janmashtami Special Collection

As Janmashtami approaches, Needlustest extends a warm invitation to experience the essence of divine celebrations through their exclusive Janmashtami Special collection. Immerse yourself in a world of enchanting elegance and exquisite craftsmanship with luxury juttis, premium sandals, designer heels, and mules that embody the spirit of devotion and celebration. Each creation in this special collection reflects the brand's unwavering commitment to timeless artistry and unparalleled quality, making it the perfect ensemble to grace your feet with divine grace during this sacred festival. Embrace the joyous festivities with opulence and sophistication, as Needlustest's Janmashtami Special collection becomes your companion in celebrating the auspicious occasion with grace and style.

Luxury Juttis: A Timeless Tribute

Step into the world of timeless elegance and unparalleled comfort with Our luxury juttis. Each pair is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, who infuse passion and creativity into every intricate detail. Using only the finest materials, Needledust ensures that each jutti offers a snug fit that embraces your feet like a second skin, allowing you to revel in day-long comfort without compromise. These exquisite masterpieces go beyond being mere footwear; they are a celebration of artistry and tradition. Needledust Janmashtami Special Premium juttis showcase a mesmerising array of designs, ranging from classic to contemporary, allowing you to express your unique style effortlessly. Whether you prefer vibrant and eye-catching colors to make a bold statement or opt for subtle and understated hues for a refined look, Our juttis are versatile enough to complement any outfit.

Premium Sandals: Divine Comfort and Style

Experience the aura of festivity with Needledust's exclusive Festive Special sandals. These exquisite handcrafted sandals blend allure with unparalleled comfort, making them the ideal and quintessential choice for this joyous occasion. Celebrate the festive season in absolute style, embracing the vivacious colors and traditional elegance that only Needledust's Festive Special designer sandals can offer. From intricate designs that speak of timeless artistry to divine embellishments that add an air of celestial charm, each pair of our Janmashtami Special sandals captures the very essence of this auspicious occasion. With every step you take, these luxury sandals exude grace and sophistication, elevating your entire festive look.

Designer Heels: Celebrating the Divine Dance

Embrace the realm of enchantment as you step into the world of divine elegance with these exquisite Luxury heels. Meticulously crafted to elevate your style to celestial heights, each pair exudes grace and charm with every step you take. The intricate details and luxurious materials used in their creation showcase the artistry and craftsmanship that set them apart. Effortlessly paired with kurtas, sarees, and suit sets, these stylish heels become the quintessential choice for any special occasion. Celebrate life's precious moments with unparalleled allure, embracing the enchantment and allure that these designer heels for women bring to your every stride. Let your feet tell a story of refined beauty and elegance, making a lasting impression wherever you go.

Mules: Effortless Grace in Every Step

Step into a world of fashionable bliss with our Modern Ethnic Mules. These uniquely crafted mules boast an irresistible combination of chic design and utmost comfort. Made from the softest leather, they offer a cosy embrace to your feet, allowing you to dance and walk with effortless grace. Whether you're strolling through the city streets or attending a special occasion, these quirky embroidered mules from Needledust will elevate your style while ensuring all-day comfort. Embrace the joy of free-spirited fashion as you indulge in the cool and comfy allure of our Modern Ethnic Mules.

Celebrate Festive: Where Tradition Meets Modernity

Embrace the joyous celebrations in style with opulent, elegant juttis, , meticulously designed to embody the essence of elegance and cultural heritage. Elevate your look with premium heels, exuding unparalleled grace and charm, perfect for any festive occasion. Step into chic designer mules, effortlessly fuse tradition with modern aesthetics, making them the ideal choice to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your festive ensemble. Experience the enchanting fusion of timeless artistry and modern allure as you celebrate in grandeur and elegance with our exquisite Janmashtami festive collection.

Luxury Kolhapuris for Special Occasions

Elevate your style with Luxury Kolhapuri Sandals, the epitome of elegance for special occasions. Meticulously crafted with a blend of tradition and modernity, these exquisite pairs exude sophistication, making them a very versatile pair that you can style with your muted daily wear or your festive picks! All our premium Kolhapuris are vegan, made in faux leather, ensuring a cruelty-free and environmentally conscious choice. Adorn your feet with timeless beauty, making a statement of grace and charm at weddings, festivals, and memorable gatherings.


In the enchanting world of Needlustest, luxury juttis, premium sandals, designer heels, and mules come together to weave a symphony of grace. Each creation celebrates the rich cultural heritage of India while embracing modern aesthetics, making every step a celebration of exquisite artistry and devotion. As you step into the realm of enchanting elegance, you become a part of captivating celebrations where the essence of our Janmashtami collection resides a celebration of timeless beauty, exclusive craftsmanship. So, adorn your feet with these exquisite masterpieces, and embark on a journey of opulence and elegance, where every step becomes a celebration of enchanting grace and allure.